Women’s International Day: a day to celebrate and to fight

Dia das mulheres

Today is Women’s International Day.

A day to remember and celebrate the battles won by women so far in this historically sexist world. Nowadays, in most countries, we can vote, do birth control, study whatever profession we want.

It’s also a day to reinforce the fight against domestic violence, that kills women in every social class and every country. To fight against rape, and against police officers and friends blaming the rape on the victim’s clothes. Against rapers and women beaters walking away free or with light convictions.

To fight for equal payment and equal treatment for men and women in workplaces, whether she is a mecanic and he’s a house cleaner.

Today is the day to look inside and assume that we are fulled with sexism ourselves and that we need to clean ourselves from it. To accept that a woman is the only owner of her body and stop classifying them between “respectfull women” and “sluts”.

It’s a day to look back and celebrate what we’ve accomplished and, then, be strengthened to continue the battle against sexism, which is going to be a long one…

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