On hate

Hate signs.

“He’s the only faggot that didn’t deserve to die”, said my church friend once. He was trying to compliment Freddie Mercury from Queen, a band that he loved, but his words said a whole lot more about hate than love.

I don’t believe that my friend really meant to see anyone dead. Maybe he thought there was some magical solution to “convert” homosexuals into straight guys and put an end to “this people”, making the world a better place. Anyhow, it was commons sense among our youth group: we all wanted to keep distance from gays (and spiritists, sluts and people with bad musical taste).

It was inside the church walls, those same walls from where Bible verses about God’s love were hanging, that I learned more about hate.

Here I was, listening to Queen, wondering about Freddie’s beautiful words on life and love, and I caught myself think about all that…

And I got to the conclusion that, well, all of that only strengthens my latest life resolution: I want to keep distance from hate.

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