Nina’s baby shower: a pink and grey, owl themed party

Nina’s Baby Shower took place this weekend, organised by my party planning company I Love Festa. It was a pink and grey, owl themed party with some chevron details. Check out the details and photos!
Docinhos de chá de bebê: brigadeiro com pasta americana. Créditos: I Love Festa.
Doces de chá de bebê: cakepop ou bolo no palito. Créditos: I Love Festa.Chá de bebê de menina: letras de madeira rosa com pérolas para o nome Nina.  Créditos: I Love Festa.Docinhos de chá de bebê: cupcake com pasta americana. Créditos: I Love Festa.Comes e bebes de chá de bebê: fingerfoods e sanduichinhos, bebidas em lata e canudos de papel listrados. Créditos: I Love Festa.bolos-cha-de-bebe-kitkat-morango-cenoura-chocolateBrincadeiras de chá de bebê: medir o tamanho da barriga da grávida. Créditos: I Love Festa.Inspirações para chá de bebê rosa e cinza. Créditos: I Love Festa.





Nina’s baby shower had tones of sweets, including delicious cupcakes (decorated with fondant owls, birds and little houses), cake pops and Brazilian brigadeiros.

The mother couldn’t decide between two cakes, so she had both: chocolate, Kit Kat and strawberries cake and carrot cake with chocolate icing (both baked by me at Bolos da Cíntia).

The baby shower decoration had white sweets stands, a mirror tray and white and pink table cloths. There were two tables. The taller one had a beautiful diaper “cake” and the small one, an owl pillow and wood letters painted in pink and decorated with pearls forming the name of the baby, Nina.

Behind the table, there was a chalkboard and, on each side, there were helium baloons.

The menu included finger finger foods like mini-sandwiches, quiches and bruschetttas, and individual canned and bottled drinks.

We also made a customised paper set, with naming tags, baby bingo sheets and hashtag cards.


Party planning: I Love Festa

Cakes: Bolos da Cíntia

Baby shower games: I Love Festa

Customised paper set: I Love Festa

Owl illustration: Pri Ferrari

Decoration: Lucinha Brotto

Fondant decorated sweets: Sweet Box

Finger foods and regular sweets: Nena Chocolates

Photos: Cíntia Costa and Daniela Fiaschi.

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