Links of the week #6

This week’s Links of the week brings you bikes, art, women professional speakers, monitoring and post-apocalyptical chaos. Come with me!

I love the Cut Maps project, in which the artist carves city maps with laser on wood or stainless steel.

Population (Ellie Stephens).

If you like reading about apocalyptical scenarios, here’s a hot tip: dear friend Ellie Stephens debuted in the literature world with a book called Population, telling the story of a girl who’s a pro at surviving in midst of a violent and chaotic environment, but has to leave her comfort zone after a loved one is kidnaped by “the others”. It sounds like and interesting read! On Amazon for US$ 7,48.

Social media listening
I started a MBA recently on Digital Marketing and my teacher has been sharing some valuable links with us, like this long list of social media intelligence and monitoring tools . To those working in this area, specially with metrics and BI, that’s a keeper (photo from here).

Convide uma mulher para palestrar.

A group of people, tired of seeing tech and comms events full of men speakers and almost no women, created a project called ““Invite a Woman to Speak”“. They listed tons of Brazilian communications and tech professionals that are habilitated to speak about a range of themes in any event. Is there any cool iniative like that in your country? In the picture, me and other friends at a panel on LuluzinhaCamp, shot by Nat Gunji.

Bike to work: executivo pedalando de terno. Foto: chuddlesworth no Flickr.

This Friday is World Bike to Work Day. I always feel uneasy about commuting like that. I think about getting too tired, getting lost (I always get lost!), getting to work too sweaty… But since my boyfriend just bought a bike and started biking to work everyday, I realized it’s not the world’s most complicated thing. The website De Bike Ao Trabalho, in Portuguese, is full of tips for those looking for some motivation to start. Photo:  chuddlesworth at Flickr.

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