Boca de Ouro: great drinks and the best “bolovo” in São Paulo

Bar Boca de Ouro em São Paulo. Foto: Divulgação.
Boca de Ouro is one of the best discoveries I made after coming back to São Paulo.

It’s a bar in Pinheiros, in a charming two piece place with an elegant counter. On their menu, many interesting beers and a variety of sophisticated drinks, carefully prepared by the barmen and vastly complimented by everyone I drank with over there.

But my favorite there is a Brazilian appetizer they serve: the bolovo (Scotch egg). It’s just perfectly done… I’d recommend goint there just to try that dish.

It’s also one of those places you can either go with friends or by yourself, to just sit, drink, talk to the owners (who are also the barmen) and meet people.

Bar Boca de Ouro
Address: Rua Conêgo Eugênio Leite 1121, Pinheiros, São Paulo/SP.
Phone: (11) 4371-3933

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