Wanting should be enough

Tell Me What You Want.
A dear friend told me that, once, she was walking down a street market with her husband and son. After buying all the organic vegetables she could, she came across the fried stuff tent. Excited, she was about to order something when her husband, being annoying, asked her: “do you really need this?”. Of course she didn’t. Fried shit is never necessary. But she wanted it.

There was I, discussing something I wanted with my therapist, something that would bother some people for me to get, and I was asking her, with a heavy heart: “why do I need this?”. Then, knocking me out, as she likes to do from time to time, she told me: “you don’t need to need it. Wanting should be enough”.

We live among tons of social constructions that dictate what’s right or wrong, whether things are adequate or not, what people expect from us, what we should or not want. And we live our lives confronting or will with all those pre-conceived rules, and often we try to deny, avoid or even kill our desires who are considered inappropriate.

One of the decisions I made in this new phase of my life is to respect my will and do myself good, no matter what others will think. Given, of course, that I do it respecting everyone around me and considering properly the consequences of my acts.

But if we can acknowledge or desires, stand for them, respect them and take the courage to take action, it seems that the anguishes of existing are lighter and the journey, worthier.

Photo: Spice Girls “Wanna Be Quote” from here.

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