How to find post ideas for your blog

Sometimes, we bloggers draw a blank. What should we write about? Suddenly, it seems like we already wrote about everything that could be written in our blogs and we can’t think of anything else. In the other hand, we understand that keeping a periodicity is very important to keep our blogs relevant. Here are some advice if you find yourself at this point and need to find relevant post ideas for your blog. It works for both personal and corporative blog writers!

Internal search
This is probably one of the most useful feature when we think about tailor made content for our readers. What are people typing in the “search” box in your blog tells you what they’re interested in and also what they couldn’t find right away (even if you have already written about it). Use this insights in your favor, write about the things you haven’t, write more about those you have and consider making the existing posts about those themes more easily found.

Google Trends
You can spend a whole afternoon tripping on the most searched terms on the internet with Google Trends. You can deeply explore all the terms related to your specialty and understand what people are googling (and filter by location) and how big or not the volume of that search is. It will help you not only find themes to write about and the right key words to use for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but it will also help you to not waste your time on themes that are not that appealing to your audience.

Readers’ comments
A lot of great ideas can come from paying attention to what people are saying in your comment box. Whether they’re questions or observations, they let you know the kind of things your readers care about and want to read about.

Content curation

One of the reasons people come to your blog is because they think you have an interesting point of view on matters that are relevant for them. One of the ways to explore that is by curating content and recommending links that you find interesting. It also helps you build relationships with other relevant bloggers and it might lead to more incoming links to your blog as well. And it is usually the kind of post that doesn’t take much time for you to write, which can be useful to keep your blog up to date even when you’re too busy.

Bundle posts
Is there a certain theme that you currently write about and your readers love? From time to time, it’s interesting to write bundle posts with links to them. Something like “Everything about how to start your own business”, “Our top 10 desert recipes” or “5 fashion trends you can’t miss this summer”. Not only you make it easier for the user to find your content and improve your pages-per-visit rate, but internal links also help on SEO.

I hope these tips will help boost your creativity and get you writing again! If you have other cool tips, share in the comment box! 😉

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