I woke up early, even before my alarm clock go off. The morning light came in through my open window, and I could hear the buzz from the school right in front of my new building.

There are bags all over the room, around my mattress, which is still on the floor (the bed cwill be delivered later). It’s a holy mess. Sort of what my life looks like, now.

Changing in never easy. It’s a lot of work: you have to rethink what goes where, you have to adapt and create new ways of doing things. But that’s not, necessarily, bad.

Is it despairing sometimes? Oh, yeah. Do I miss the sensation of being safe? M-hm. Do I strongly feel like going back to my comfort zone every now and then? Hell, yeah.

But it’s fine, fear is a natural reaction, and I go on despite of it. From fear, I craft adrenaline, knowing that, although I’m bound to find obstacles along the way, there sure will be some sweet, refreshing, positively surprising things ahead of me too.

My life took a new turn, and I intend to live it by appreciating every little good thing I find as I go. I’ll test waters, try new things. Restarting is rediscovering. Not having plans is a form of freedom.

I woke up optimistic, today…

Foto: Derya/Flickr.

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