Makeup favorites: Sephora’s Targeted Eye Remover Swabs

Ever since I discovered this preciosity, it never leaves my necessaire. I’m talking about Sephora’s Targeted Eye Remover Swabs.

Here’s how it works: every swab has some liquid inside and, to release it, you break one of the cotton tips. The opposite tip gets soaked with makeup remover and voilà. You can use it to lift that nasty trace of yesterday’s mascara or to get your red lipstick outline right.

I find it very practical, specially in trips. There’s always limited space in my bag and this has just the perfect amount of makeup remover – considering I rarely put on more makeup than eyeliner/shadow/mascara or lipstick when traveling. There’s a pack in my office’s drawer also.

It costs US$ 9 and you can find ithere.

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