L’Óreal Paris Micellar Water: review

L’Óreal Paris is launching its Micellar Water in Brazil and they sent me one for a review. I’ve tried it for one week.

It’s not obvious how to use it or what it is for. It’s a multifunctional cosmetic aimed to clean and purify your skin, as well as remove make up. It can be applied to your face, the eye area and even the lips. The recommendation is to use it twice a day, at night and in the mornings, no need to wash it off.

The highlight it that L’Óreal Paris Micellar Water is just the best option for removing dark lipstick (like the red ones). Applying with care, it takes off the darkest lipstick without making a mess and with little effort. Plus, your lips won’t feel greasy as they do when you use a biphasic makeup remover.

When it comes to removing eye make up, it works, but not effortlessly. In this case, I prefer biphasic makeup removers, even though I have to wash my eyes afterwards, since they don’t require rubbing my eyes.

As for the purifying function, it worked only so far. My skin is going through a fase (specially during the hot days, with oily parts as well as dry spots. The micellar water did in fact make my skin feel mostly clean and matte, but not on the most oily parts.

My conclusion is that L’Óreal Paris Micellar Water has become my official lipstick remover and can be used to clean my face in less hot days.


Product: Micellar Water (Brazilian version, called “Água Micelar 5 em 1”)
Brand: L’Óreal Paris
Price: R$ 29,90 here


Água Micelar 5 em 1 L'Óreal: para que serve, como funciona e como usar. Foto: www.cintiacosta.com

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