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It’s always hard to find the time to write about all the things I’d like to share with you, so I’m going to start posting a weekly selection of interesting links that I found on the web…

– US abortion rate declines to the lowest level in more than 30 years, says the New York Times, reflecting the growing use of contraceptives among other things. Also, the decline was higher on states with more liberal abortion laws compared to the ones don’t. This reinforces pro-choice speech: family planning, sexual education and access to contraceptive methods are more effective and safe to prevent abortions than prohibitive laws.

– Brazil largest TV network, Globo, aired its first gay kiss on a soap opera. The “novelas” have a huge penetration among the population and the kiss scene was viewed by almost 3 million homes (45 Ibope points). In a very homophobic society, this was a big step on tolerance efforts.

– Geneva is in the middle of a xenophobic debate, this week, as the polling for an anti-immigration law approaches. The initiative, proposed by the UDC, a political party know for its racist propaganda campaigns, intends to put limits to the number of foreigners at the city, and the expectation is that it will not pass. Almost 40% of the population in Geneva are foreigners, and limiting their presence could bring serious economic consequences, says the the president of the Council of State. Big companies expressed publicly their disapproval for the ruling that would affect their employees. Anti-racism organizations also protested. The voting will be on February 9th.Comic: "Immigrants scare me", "Specially if they leave" . Herrmann

– By the way, my blog about living in Geneva now has a Google Plus page!

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