Links of the week #9: French, empowerment and cakes

The week has started and here are the most interesting things I’ve seen online!

Expressões idiomáticas francesas traduzidas literalmente.

If you’re learning French, here’s a funny Buzzfeed list with hilarious French expressions translated literally (muito engraçadas!)

Idéias de bolos para chá de bebê.

If you love parties as much as I do, here are some cake ideas for a baby shower and a tutorial on how to decorate cakes with wafers and M&Ms.

Mulher viajando sozinha. Foto: Yarik Mishin/FreeImages

Great article (in Portuguese) from Think Olga about women traveling alone. I’ve traveled alone many times and I agree with the author when she says that we need to be safe, of course, but fear can’t win this fight and stop us from traveling.

Empoderamento versus objetificação sexual.

A magnificent illustrated guide on the difference of empowerment and sexual objetification. The secret lies in the question: who’s got the power?

Garçonete obrigada a usar roupa sexy.
Which brings me to this news on restaurant owners demanding waitresses to dress sexy. As a friend said: if a woman wants do dress sexy to work, no problem with that, but no woman should be made to sexualize her image by her boss.

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