Links of the week #8: self-esteem, feminism and veggie burgers

Starting 2016’s links of the week!

Topo de bolo maravilhoso com o sobrenome de recém-casados dos noivos. Da Let's Top That.

Interesting research by Women’s Health magazine shows how sexist men can be when it comes to married names. The majority of the participants expect the woman to take on their last names as a love gesture and proof that they value their marriage, but they also say they would never take on their wives last name because that would make them feel diminished and humiliated. Talk about double standard. (The cake topper on the photo is from Let’s Top That).

Amar o corpo, dentro ou fora dos padrões de beleza. Ilustração: Kelly Bastow

I loved this post (in Portuguese) by feminist blogger
Amei este Clara Averbuck about loving your own body, despite of opressing beauty standards and the power of selfies as self-esteem boosters, as you say to the world “I learned not to hate my body”. Beautiful illustration by Kelly Bastow.

Mulheres que são mães e trabalham.

Women Work. We Have Babies. Get Over It.“. Great post on the difficulties one faces when they have to tell their boss they’re pregnant. So much fear and pressure and awkwardness when it should be so common and casual.

Onde comer hambúrguer vegetariano em São Paulo.

If you’re a vegetarian and find yourself in São Paulo, Brazil, check out this list of places to eat veggie burgers here. You’re welcome!

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