Links of the week #7

Ready fot the links of the week?

Game of Thrones corporativo.

This fun quiz tells which Game of Thrones character are you at your work. I laughed my ass off with my results, but there’s no way I’ll share it with you! :p

Cards for serious illness

I loved these empathy cards for people facing serious diseases. I really don’t like that “you’r stong”, “you’ll get over it” talk. We don’t know when someone’s gonna get cured from cancer, you know? I found it so much better to show you care, that you’ll be there if they need you, without putting that “you have to survive” extra pressure over the sick person…

Woman with pink vibrator.

I really liked this article on sex and feminine orgasm from a scientific point of view, specially when it provides data that proves that women who reach climax during penetration are the exception rather then the norm – talk about social pressure feminine orgasm is in a woman’s life!

Massagem. Foto: Nick Webb.

Last week, I had the honor of being introduced to the work of Companhia do Ser, a massage zen studio, focused on corporal therapy. I found their work very interesting (my massage therapist was Fabio), totally different from other massages I had before, focusing on helping us realize how many feelings our body reflects into tense muscles, difficult breathing or rusty reflexes. Not only did I leave the place feeling super relaxed, but it felt like leaving my psychologist’s office! They offer psychosomatic and tantric massages and I strongly recommend you to try, if you ever have a chance. I really loved it! Photo by Nick Webb.

Rihanna's yellow dress at the Met gala 2015.

Very interesting article about cultural appropriation at the Met gala, which had China as a theme this year. Everyone made fun of Rihanna’s “omelette” yellow dress, but no one really noticing that she was the one most adequately dressed, since she was one of the only ones wearing a Chinese designer dress. All the other top celebrities had dressed that were “China inspired”, but that actually reinforced a lot of cliches and did not honor their culture in the least.

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