Links of the week #4

New week begining, here’s a bunch of links!

NY Bagels.

A list with os New York’s best Instagram accounts, filled with bagels, buildings and fashion shots.

Cool ideas for a Montessori child room (in Portuguese), an education thing that encourages kids to be more independent – that post was written by my sister, mother of my favourite person in the world, my dear niece <3. Here’s another post about that, in English.

Linkedin: how to spot exceptional employees.
8 tips from Linkedin’s expert on how to spot an exceptional employee (and find out if you’re one).

Cristã gay.
A christian lesbian lady tell her story (in Portuguese), and how she combines her sexuality and her faith. I still think her speech is a bit too conservative, but it’s an interesting read for those willing to understand what Christian gay people feel and think.

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