Links of the week #2

Life has been fun: chilling out whole afternoons and nights, with long time friends and people I’ve just met, talking about both serious and stupid stuff, eating healthy or junk food, drinking good stuff.

It’s been good <3

Melhor brownie do Brasil.
That’s how I heard about AnaSama’s brownies, undeniably São Paulo’s best brownies (and the best I ever had)...

Black Cat bordados engraçados.
… and about bordados da Black Cat Kustom Embroidery and these beautiful pieces of art that put together bad words and delicate hand embroidery…

A olho nu. Foto: Pedrinho Fonseca.
… and the erotic shootings of Pedrinho Fonseca (A Olho Nu), who has photographed some of my dear new friends in such a beautiful, sexy way…

Parks and Recreation.
…and Parks and Recreation, this stupid, genious series treckr showed me.

The world is full of good things, if we know what to look for! <3

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