Hello, I’m your limit

No trespassing. Photo: Michael Dorausch (www.michaeldorausch.com).
It’s been an ongoing exercise at therapy for me to learn and respect my limits.

I was brought up to believe that the more you suffer for something important, the more you value it. What I haven’t been told is that, the more you accept to suffer, the less you value yourself.

It’s not an easy task to face my limits. That subtle line that determines when granting becomes negligence, when “good girl” turns into “fool”. When disrespect starts, when it’s not good for me, when I enter that land where I am no longer the priority. The “not enough”, the “too much”. That goes for relationships, work, addictions, name it.

To stop walking, stand still and take three steps back – leaving behind something that takes a hell of a toll for you to let go off. What a fucking hard exercise.

But I gotta take care of myself. In the end of the day, I’m the one who sleeps with my demons.

Photo: Michael Dorausch.

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