Happy birthday, mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday.

It there’s one thing I’m really grateful in this life is having Ms. Eliana as my mother. She’s such an special person…

Mom likes to celebrate. Since I was a child, I remember her spending countless hours preparing, by her self, our b-day parties. DIY wasn’t even a thing back then, and there she was, turning pizza boxes into rainbows to decorate the walls, baking cakes, assembling gift packs.

But it’s not only birthdays she likes to celebrate. In every little conquest of my life, there was mom, celebrating with me. Getting into college, getting my first gig as a model and later, my first internship, she was always there with a cute card, breakfasts at bed, gifts and kind words.

She was there by my side on the bad moments too, giving me love and support, hugs and tears, reminding me that sadness can go on for the night, but joy comes back in the morning.

Today is the day to celebrate her life. To thank her for all the sacrifices she’s made to give me all I needed and all I wanted whenever it was possible. For every gesture of love, for the education, for all the care. For the privilege of spending almost 30 years by her side and having learned so much.

Mom, enjoy every second of your special day. Eat lots of cake, take pictures, sing, celebrate. Your life is a reason to celebrate every day of my life! I love you!

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