Perfect Women’s Day gifts

Happy Women’s Day, everyone! There’s some doubts going on about whether it’s ok to give flowers and chocolate for women on this day, but don’t worry. Here’s a list of perfect Women’s Day gifts!

    • Wage Equality
      Do you know what’s a better gift for companies to offer their female employees than a rose and a card? Equal salaries to men and women performing the same job.

  • The end of objetification
    Flower bouquets are gorgeous. How about you stop treating women as decoration and buy some flowers instead?
  • The death of sexist jokes
    This gift is not only for women, but for mankind. For god’s sake, would you give up on those stupid jokes? It’s not funny to paint women as creatures taht can’t drive, are only interested in men’s money and belong in the kitchen. Not only will you stop looking like a depressing last century misogynist, but you’ll stop contributing to an oppressive culture.
  • No more street harassment
    Chocolate is delicious, but you know what tastes better? Freedom to walk on the streets without being harassed and feeling unsafe.
  • The end of “helping at home”
    I love make up, but do you know what I love more? Home chores division. Today is a good day to stop saying that you help your wife at home. If you live there, you don’t help, you simply take part. Did you know that a husband creates 7 extra hours of house work in a woman’s week, while a married man actually saves 1 hour a week because of the wife? Don’t be that burden in your wife’s life, dude.
  • Respect
    There’s no better gift than being treated with respect.Não tem presente melhor que ser tratada com respeito. Seriously, can you imagine how awesome it would be if you take this day to start respecting women’s choices about their bodies, their relantionships, their carreers?

If you want to give flowers, make up, chocolate, go ahead. But if they come with no effort from you to end sexism, than they’re offensive.

Women’s Day is a day for fighting against misogyny, demanding equality, recognize victories and fight for women and men to have equal rights. Don’t be the asshole who tries to turn this day into a celebration of sexist female stereotypes disguised as compliments.

Photo: me , portraited by Gabi Butcher, with a sign that says “equality”.

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