Dude, show some self-respect!

Homem tímido. Foto: The Beard Stalker.

Dear good man, you have to show some self-respect if you expect women to respect you. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Stop criticising what women wear
We see a lot of men talking about what women shouldn’t wear. They condemn short skirts, cleavage revealing shirts, provoking clothes, saying it makes us looks vulgar. Dude, drop it. What a boring thing to do… Let them wear whatever they wan, understand that her clothes are neither an invitation nor an excuse for you to disrespect her. It’s just what she felt like wearing. It’s not her fault you can’t pull off such a fabulous look as she can. Whenever you see someone with short clothes, remember: just get over yourself and move on.

Stop telling women how to behave
There’s nothing less elegant than a man trying to tell a woman how to behave. When he calls her a slut, then, ouch. Dear, it makes you look like a jerk. Please, put all your effort into not saying anything. I have to tell you something that might be unsettling: a woman that likes to kiss, have sex and dance sensually is not worse than another who likes to read books, go to museums, start a family. Actually, sometimes they’re the same woman. Cut loose that 20’s patriarchal lifestyle and come live in the future with the rest of us!

Stop cat-calling women on the streets
Not sure why, but tons of men insist in cat-calling women on the streets despite of all the evidences that we absolutely hate it. Cat-calling makes you look cheap. Quit it… Show some self-respect!

Stop apologising when you find out the girl has a boyfriend
Baby, it’s not her boyfriend that deserves an apology. Some men only understand our claims for respect when we invite them to think of how they’d feel we the same happened to their mothers, girlfriends, daughters. Dear man, a woman doesn’t need to have an “owner” for you to owe her respect. Focus on her!

Stop with the sexist jokes
You night be a handsome guy, a nice, good smelling, charming gentleman. But as soon as you open that mouth of yours to say a sexist joke, it’s the hugest turn of. You know who appreciates sexist jokes? Jerks.

Respect all women, all men, all straight and gay people
Sexism is outdate, it’s ugly, it’s a low life thing. If you want to show some self-respect, start by respecting others. Respect women, men, straights and gays, everyone. Respect is the sexiest thing! It will certainly contribute to make you a respectable man!

This picture (from here) is to remind you that you can go on taking selfies in your bed. That doesn’t take away nobody’s respect! 🙂

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