LuluzinhaCamp, March, 2015: women, tech, web and feminism


LuluzinhaCamp is a group of women who like technology, web and feminism. Every year, we get together to chat, exchange experiences, meet new people and learn, learn, learn. Here’s how the last event went…

We had an amazing personal style workshop with Érica Mirchin. I loved her tips on how to combine your personal taste with the place’s dress code and the image you want to be perceived as.

There was a scrapbook workshop with dear Gabi Rowlands and biofertilizers made by Lidi Faria.

There was a talk about sexism at work. Everyone talked about times when being a woman was an issue in our professional life and how to fight these obstacles back, fighting for a more equal environment in companies. I loved the tips Patricia Andrade, founder of YBR coaching agency. Great insights!

There was also a conversation with old times Luluzinhas, like Lu Freitas, Lanika and Dani Doduti, about the group’s goals nowadays.

There was a photoshoot, of course – we love photography.a title=”Gabi Butcher” href=”” target=”_blank”>Gabi Butcher asked us: what are you thirsty for? Here are our answers… More on Flickr!




Respect and love.


Cíntia Costa pede igualdade. Foto: Gabi Butcher/FotoRecado.


Pop corn and, why not?, penises (almost same word in Portuguese :p).

At the pictures: Rina Pri, Lu Freitas, Gabi Rowlands, Eli Mafra, Dani Doduti, my self and all of us together.

Read this article in Portuguese here: LuluzinhaCamp, março de 2015: o que teve.

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