Feminista Beer: a conversation starter


Last weekend, I met the Feminista beer, a delicious craft Red Ale produced by Beauvoir Brewing with a even more delicious cause behind it.
In the label, a manifesto:
“We’re feminist. We believe that men and women should have equal rights.

Lately, there’s been a lot of talking about sexism in beer advertising and we want that conversation to also happen at bars, get-togethers and Sunday family lunches.

That why we created a beer that works as a ‘conversation starter’.

Put a bottle of Feminista on the table, make a toast to equality and join us in this conversation“.

I just love that idea. Not only because we are really tired of being ignored by the beer industry, pictured solely as half-naked women serving men their beers. But also because feminism is a great subject to bring up in a conversation.

The first vintage of Feminista is already sold out, but you can set up an e-mail alert to be told when the next one is available here.

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