Eva Uviedo’s poetic aquarelles

I fell in love with artist Eva Uviedo when my roomie showed up one day with some of her paintings.

Her poetic aquarelles captivated me. I found it all so sensitive, delicate, those smooth trace and collors, some with hand written powerful messages. I’ve spent a long time admiring those paintings, and even photographed them to carry them around with me during the day.

At her store you’ll find many originals for sale. You can see more of her work at her Facebook page também, vale uma boa olhada.

Eva Uviedo: aquarela "As Mina IV". Eva Uviedo: aquarela "Menina-Urso e Peixe".Eva Uviedo: aquarela "Eu Tenho Corações Fora do Peito".

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