Come again?

We say things, we write them down, we suggest, we yell, but, holy fuck, what a difficult task it is to actually communicate with someone…

A thought, a feeling, pops up inside of us and, for some reason, we feel like it’s absolutely necessary that the other person know about it. So we open up…

But, on their way out, the words get stuck in one’s throat, get a little lost, comes out in a really crooked way. When they finally make it, they sound like something got lost in translation. Then there’s the other person and what they’ll hear and make of it. What a challenge!

Damn, it’s exhausting. But it’s so difficult to keep it inside… It’s suffocating. The other person NEEDS to know. Just because.

I wish I could dance like this kid from Sia’s videos. I feel like my speech sounds as much nonsense as her moves. At least, it would be more beautiful – and probably it’d make more sense…

Anyway, that’s how it goes, and we keep on trying to understand ourselves, to understand one another, to make ourselves understood. That’s all we’ve got to base our decisions, hoping we got it right (to be honest, not even I understand myself sometimes).

There’s got to be something beautiful in all this.

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