Beauty is everywhere. It doesn’t have a single shape, it doesn’t have follow rules nor standards to exist. Beauty doesn’t need consensus to be, let alone my personal recognition.

It is a daily exercise for me to strip down from my pre-concepts and learn to see beyond the beauty standards I am used to. To look beyond the obvious. To understand that a big part of beauty is due to someone’s attitude about it, and another to the fact personal taste changes from person to person.

It’s not mandatory to find anyone beautiful, but it is a matter of respect to understand that my opinion does not define that person’s beauty, that no one is to say what they should look like or dress or which social rules they should follow or not and that I have no business expressing negative comments on someone’s appearance if I don’t like it.

I find it touching when someone loves their body even when they’re miles away from current standards. Like this young lady. She has lovely eyes, an awesome hair, a great taste for make up and a beautiful, full beard. It’s a shocking look. It’s not common to see all those features in a woman. But once you get over that, once you accept that different is not a bad thing, just look at her again. Forget about “normal” and beauty standards, let go of weirdness, do not hold on to the fear of the different. Then look at her smile, at her full-of-self-esteem captions. How can we not agree with her? She is drop dead gorgeous.

Beauty lies in diversity.

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