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Campanha #SouMulherVitoriosa: post original de Ana Paula Valadão.

I’m a victorious woman because…

There’s a social media movement called I’m a Victorius Woman (#SouMulherVitoriosa, in Portuguese) that urges women that are mothers, spouses and house wifes to post pictures of them “to show the world that a happy woman is one who has a family and takes care of her home“.

I like any pride campaign that encourages women to feel proud of their choices. But it is awful to see that, in order to make house wifes, mothers and married women to feel produ, this campaing tries to demoralize women that live different realities. Continue lendo

Pri Ferrari, autora do livro Coisa de Menina.

A Girl Thing: help a book to empower young girls become a reality!

If you believe that there’s no such a thing as a girl thing (or a boy thing either), that all kids should be able to pick whatever toys and activities they want based on what whether they like it or not, and not based on their gender, that boys and girls should get the same treatment and opportunities and that girls can be whatever they want, be it a ballerina or an engineering, than you’re gonna like this project. Continue lendo

Bela, recatada e do lar: matéria machista da Veja sobre Marcela Temer.

What’s wrong with praising Mrs. Temer as a “beautiful, maiden like housewife”

A very popular magazine wrote a piece about the wife of Brazil’s vice-president (Marcela Temer, wife of Michel Temer), calling her “a beautiful, maiden like housewife“. In the article, they praise her discreet dresses, her youth, her maiden like beauty and her skills as a mother and housewife. We feminists hated it and some people are asking: what’s wrong with that? Continue lendo

Cíntia Costa pede igualdade. Foto: Gabi Butcher/FotoRecado.

Perfect Women’s Day gifts

Happy Women’s Day, everyone! There’s some doubts going on about whether it’s ok to give flowers and chocolate for women on this day, but don’t worry. Here’s a list of perfect Women’s Day gifts!

  • Wage Equality
    Do you know what’s a better gift for companies to offer their female employees than a rose and a card? Equal salaries to men and women performing the same job.

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And the Oscars go to… equality!

This year’s Oscars’ peak, for me, was Patricia Arquette’s speech. The winner of the trophy for Best Actress in a Supporting Role called for equal rights for women at work.

I love to see feminism becoming part of speeches at huge events like the Academy Awards. Those are issues that need as much attention as possible. When someone takes a moment like that to bring it up, it helps a lot in terms of making things like wage inequality unacceptable and shameful.

As Meryl Streep would say, you go, girl!