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Bolo de chocolate com morangos, com laço chanel de fita vermelha. Muito chique! Foto: Bolos da Cíntia.

Chocolate strawberry cake

Dr. Mayra asked me for a beautiful delicious chocolate strawberry cake for her birthday. So I made one of the prettiest cakes in my life for her. Rum chocolate cake filled and frosted with dark chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries. A flat ribbon bow made it as chic as the birthday gal.

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Tutoriais e download de topos de bolo DIY para fazer em casa.

Beautiful and easy to make DIY cake toppers

I make tons of different cakes at my Bolos da Cíntia cake shop, but my favorites are the ones with simple frostings, because you can decorate them in anyway you want. They’re also a more economic option for those planning a party on a budget.

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