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O tênis certo para corrida e caminhada feminino. Foto: Cíntia Costa.

Best running shoes for women (and some walking shoes as well)

I take my running shoes and walking shoes seriously. My feet are sensitive and can get injured very easily. So I’m always looking for shoes that are functional as well as comfortable. Oh, and they have to be gorgeous because that’s just me :p. I’ve spent hours at the women section at stores looking for the right running and walking shoes for me, so there they are. Continue lendo

Manifestação Fora Temer em 31 de agosto de 2016 em São Paulo (Av. Paulista e Consolação). Foto: Nunah Alle.

Fighting the coup in Brazil, despite of my fears

“Don’t expect from us the silence of the cowards”, “Temer, go home”. Photo: Nunah Alle to the independent news group Mídia Ninja.

I am a very fearful person. I’m afraid of robbery, rape, accidents, the flu. I go out to jog and my heart skips a beat every time a man gets too close. I always use a seat belt, even in the back seat. I get into relationships frightened of getting my heart broken.

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Bolo de chocolate com morangos, com laço chanel de fita vermelha. Muito chique! Foto: Bolos da Cíntia.

Chocolate strawberry cake

Dr. Mayra asked me for a beautiful delicious chocolate strawberry cake for her birthday. So I made one of the prettiest cakes in my life for her. Rum chocolate cake filled and frosted with dark chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries. A flat ribbon bow made it as chic as the birthday gal.

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Campanha #SouMulherVitoriosa: post original de Ana Paula Valadão.

I’m a victorious woman because…

There’s a social media movement called I’m a Victorius Woman (#SouMulherVitoriosa, in Portuguese) that urges women that are mothers, spouses and house wifes to post pictures of them “to show the world that a happy woman is one who has a family and takes care of her home“.

I like any pride campaign that encourages women to feel proud of their choices. But it is awful to see that, in order to make house wifes, mothers and married women to feel produ, this campaing tries to demoralize women that live different realities. Continue lendo

Pri Ferrari, autora do livro Coisa de Menina.

A Girl Thing: help a book to empower young girls become a reality!

If you believe that there’s no such a thing as a girl thing (or a boy thing either), that all kids should be able to pick whatever toys and activities they want based on what whether they like it or not, and not based on their gender, that boys and girls should get the same treatment and opportunities and that girls can be whatever they want, be it a ballerina or an engineering, than you’re gonna like this project. Continue lendo

Tutoriais e download de topos de bolo DIY para fazer em casa.

Beautiful and easy to make DIY cake toppers

I make tons of different cakes at my Bolos da Cíntia cake shop, but my favorites are the ones with simple frostings, because you can decorate them in anyway you want. They’re also a more economic option for those planning a party on a budget.

Here are some ideas of beautiful and easy to make DIY cake toppers that are perfect for simple party cakes and decorations. Continue lendo

Bela, recatada e do lar: matéria machista da Veja sobre Marcela Temer.

What’s wrong with praising Mrs. Temer as a “beautiful, maiden like housewife”

A very popular magazine wrote a piece about the wife of Brazil’s vice-president (Marcela Temer, wife of Michel Temer), calling her “a beautiful, maiden like housewife“. In the article, they praise her discreet dresses, her youth, her maiden like beauty and her skills as a mother and housewife. We feminists hated it and some people are asking: what’s wrong with that? Continue lendo